Payroll & Accounting


We offer a wide variety of payroll processing options, tailored to your specific company needs.

If you currently prepare your firm’s payroll in-house, we can do the required payroll tax deposits, quarterly filings, and year end summary forms.

We can also perform the full payroll processing function of generating checks plus all the required tax deposits, quarterly summary forms, and year end filings.

We will also assist your firm in audits for insurance company needs and workers’ compensation audits. We are experienced with the required reporting for these audits and can easily perform this tasks for your firm.

We can also properly prepare prevailing wage reports for construction firms.


We provide compiled financial statements that include Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, and Statements of Cash Flow. These are critical tools for you to evaluate the success of your business.We will assist you in reviewing your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports as indicators of your firm’s financial health.

We can also take your financial data and upload it into the Dun and Bradstreet credit reporting files. These files are vital for banks and vendors to evaluate the credit that your firm should receive.

We can assist in calculating industry financial ratios based upon your firm’s financial data, as measures of your firm’s financial health.

We will also assist you with any required financial statements or accounting reports for loan applications. We can rapidly provide timely reports that you need for your bank lending officer.

We can assist you with the formation of a new business. We will explain the advantages of the different types of entities that you may wish to consider.

We complete and update Home Improvement Contractor Licenses for all states.

For LLCs, we complete and file the required annual reports for different states.